What is a Tenant Advisor?

CARMEN is the Tenant Advisor. Which mean that you receive our exclusive tenant representation service. We never represent landlords or building owners. Our focus is on you, our tenant client, and the most favorable lease terms we can negotiate on your behalf.  CARMEN’s exclusive tenant representation includes not only our expertise in negotiating a lease solely in your best interest, but other services crucial to the success and ease of your relocation and the ongoing management and containment of real estate costs. Our dedication to managing your real estate needs goes far beyond the signing of a lease.

Who needs Exclusive Tenant Representation Services…..and Why?

If you lease office or industrial building space or are contemplating the purchase of commercial real estate, you do. CARMEN draws upon proven experience and expertise, negotiating solely on your behalf to maximize office space opportunities and minimize costs and risk. Simply put, our success in navigating market conditions and negotiating the best possible lease terms in the interest of our tenant clients, make our services invaluable.

Why not simply renew our current lease?

If your current space meets your needs and you are satisfied with your landlord’s service, renewing your lease is often the best option. However, representation on your behalf in a lease renewal negotiation can save your company thousands of dollars over the life of the lease. It is to your benefit to have an advocate who will create market competition, negotiate solely on your behalf, and create an environment that inspires the building owner to win your business, not just increase your rent and add lease term.

How do we determine the number of square feet we need in an office?

The square footage per employee varies tremendously from 150 to 400 square feet, depending on industry type, corporate culture, and budget. CARMEN will help you analyze your needs and recommend the appropriate space allotment for your company. To get an initial idea, take a look at the  CARMEN office space calculator.

Ready to find your office space? Let CARMEN guide the search:

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