Chris Carmen  /   November 15, 2015

The ongoing debate around the ideal work environment – open office layouts, co-working space or a remote workforce, leads to the inevitable question of: “How will we choose?” This post is a reference for several options for your workspace, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.

The latest Grasshopper blog: Modern Workspace: Offices, Coworking & What’s Right for You addresses three workspace solutions: Open Floor Plan Office, Individual Workspace, Home Office and Co-working Space.

In an Open Floor Plan, benefits include:

  • Creates opportunities for increased collaboration
  • Encourages both interdepartmental and cross-departmental communication

In an individual workspace, benefits include:

  • A more private workspace for introverts who value personal space
  • Less noise and distraction for intense creative thinking

Jordan Shapiro of San Diego Office & Modular Design commented on individual workspaces, saying, “Innovative thoughts thrive in spaces where people are comfortable and capable of being themselves. In a quiet, and private location, people are often more capable of accessing the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that truly changes the world.”

Blog author Kaleigh Moore notes: “Looking at the various options…and weighing the benefits and drawbacks alongside the type of work you do, will help you determine which type of modern workspace is best for your business. If working with a team, start a conversation about what setup they feel is best for their projects and needs. Or, if you’re on your own, try out a few different options and see what feels right.”

In Carmen’s home market of Indianapolis, we specialize in tenant representation and find that our office clients re-evaluate their space needs from a layout and efficiency perspective. Not only are they seeking the right space, but they’re looking ahead to the possibilities for the use of that space and the associated costs and benefits for employees.

As you study existing or new corporate space, consider the variety of trends in workplace design and their impact on your team, as well as how your space will communicate your brand and assist in your recruitment efforts.

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