Chris Carmen  /   July 19, 0216

Indianapolis-based tech companies ceaselessly continue impressive growth and increased job development. Tinderbox reemerged as Octiv when the company announced a $3 million expansion. This rebranded expansion includes hiring 224 additional employees by 2021.

This major growth for Octiv is yet another win for the tech sector in Indianapolis. Octiv co-founder Kristian Andersen noted in an interview with the news source Inside Edge that there was already an existing ‘indigenous’ tech talent in the state. Now, tech experts from across the country are recognizing Indiana’s tech opportunities. With many tech companies based in California, skilled tech workers may see Indiana as a less expensive place to live, with a very family-friendly, high quality of life. Andersen even refers to Indianapolis as a ‘net importer’ of such talent.

It’s no news to anyone that Indianapolis is quickly becoming the latest highly visible tech hub. With yet one more major expansion of an Indianapolis-based company, the city is well on its way to becoming the envy of the Silicon Prairie.

Indianapolis’ tech expansions are creating a more competitive atmosphere for local and surrounding tech companies in the Midwest and even on the coasts. Additionally, Indianapolis has plenty of well located-attractive office space that supports the lifestyles of young skilled tech employees. From the employer’s viewpoint, relatively low-cost office space, when compared to major cities, that is well suited to operate their businesses while attracting tech talent is making Indianapolis that much more attractive.

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