Chris Carmen  /   August 11, 2016

Indiana continues to be the new home of tech companies with the relocation of Emarsys’ headquarters to the state’s capital. The news of the Austrian company’s relocation to Market Tower was released early 2015. Emarsys’ expansion is actually ahead in its planning schedule. The company sought a city with an ample supply of tech talent, compared to the East and West coast tech hubs. Spending over $3 million in its renovation of their floor in Market Tower, this good news is not surprising. Indianapolis has been drawing tech companies to the city for relocation that have proven to be painless and stress-free.

Determine Inc, a California-based SaaS provider, announced in June that it would be relocating its headquarters to Carmel. News of this relocation brought Indiana to be coined the ‘Silicon Prairie’ of the Midwest. Furthermore, Chase Tower is now Salesforce Tower, which is yet another clue as to the direction the city is heading.

With these migrations of tech companies, high-tech skilled talent is in high demand. Indiana has a number of fantastic universities that are supplying new college graduates in such fields. The positive growth of tech companies will begin to increase the need for flexible office space. Indianapolis has affordable spaces that will catch the eye of companies seeking character and innovation.

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