Chris Carmen  /   March 1, 2018

A business retains an outside accountant for financial support of the business. They have an attorney for questions regarding the legal aspects of running the business. But with the office facilities playing such a significant part in operating a business, why wouldn’t a business be supported by an expert on office space? They should be. And that’s what a tenant advisor offers.

Most of us would never dream of representing ourselves in court. The legalities are WAY too complicated. But most don’t think of commercial real estate that way. On the surface, looking for commercial office space for rent might seem straightforward but in actuality, it’s complicated.

Consider Joe the CEO. He sees a property that might be a good fit for his business.  He calls the number on the sign, the leasing agent, and inquires about the cost. The leasing agent gives Joe the lease rate quoted for the property. Basically, the sticker price. If you’ve ever bought a car, you know that the sticker price doesn’t really tell you all that much about how much you’ll end up paying.  But, as the average consumer, you may think your work is done. You now know the cost.  Right?

Well, now let’s assume that instead of making that call to the leasing agent, Joe asks his trusted tenant advisor the same question.  Joe’s  rep does not even need to make a call to the leasing agent because he’s an expert in the daily ins and outs of the market and knows the quoted rental rate.  Not only that, he knows the owner of Aspire Office Tower gives away up to 10% of the contracted lease term in free rent. With negotiation, he also is confident that the owner of Aspire Office Tower could provide business relocation allowance to Aspire Tower; up to $2.00 per square foot of the tenant’s lease as an inducement for businesses to relocate there.

Different outcomes. Completely different costs, savings, and incentives.  It comes down to the old adage of, “You don’t know what you don’t know” plus you want to get the best deal you can for your property.  Why not consider adding a tenant advisor to your company’s list of support professionals?

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